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If you are looking to build your business online then Social Media is a must. It is no longer an option for brands. Social media presents a great opportunity for businesses to reach their
customers, gather insights and grow their brand. If you are not on social media, you are missing out on a great opportunity to reach new customers.

What Makes Digital Taktic The Best SMM Agency in Kolkata?

We go beyond posting and develop strategy to attract your relevant audience

“The first rule of social media is that everything changes all the time. What won’t change is the community’s desire to network.”– Kami Huyse

With multi-channel social media marketing we give you the necessary push required to get more sales, brand recognition and visibility.

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Social media services: Facebook Instagram Twitter Linkedin

  • Our SMM strategy will help you get in touch with your target audience
  • Customers centric strategy ideas
  • Track audience metrics to understand them better
  • Organic social media marketing is much cheaper than paid advertising

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Our Professional Budget-Friendly SMM Services

Build Online Profiles: Creating your digital footprint on social media so that it becomes easy for people to visit you online.

Competitor Analysis: We’ll check out what your competitors are doing so that we can outshine you from others.

Target Audience Analysis: We’ll figure out who’s interested in your product/ service so that we can reach out to them in a way that really clicks. And converts

Create Compelling Posts: We’ll create content that your customers really want to see so that they stop and engage with the content. They won’t just scroll away without a like or comment.

Run Campaigns: Campaigns are stories you want to tell to your target customers about your brand or service. We understand that and create campaigns accordingly

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How will we run social media marketing campaigns?

Did You know?

  • If people like a business on social media, they recommend it even further. Stats show
    70% of the time it happens!
  • Facebook users click on multiple Facebook ads every day
  • 80% of people purchase products from Instagram
  • A lot of business decisions are drive through Linkedin

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Step 1: Build awareness- We work with our social media team to clearly conceptualize a brand story for you and reach your targeted audience.
Step 2: Identify the right platform- There are lots of social media platforms in the market. Every platform has a different purpose and different set of audience using it. We have to understand
where your targeted consumers are.
Step 3: Create content- We take the blueprint of your brand story and convert it into compelling designs and content for people to read.
Step 4: Leads to Customers: With compelling CTA’s (call to action) and design we make conversions successful

Final Statement

The SMM experts of DigitalTaktic are here to boost your digital presence. We promise to make your brand story viral. Let’s make your business stand out with our smart social media marketing campaigns and strategies. It is now time to make your business to the top!

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Why Choose Us

With our expert social media marketing service, you’ll gain your potential followers. We’ll help your brand’s message stand out amidst the noise and leave a lasting impression on your followers. Digital Taktic, the best social media marketing agency in Kolkata passionate about propelling your brand to new heights and ensuring you dominate the digital landscape.

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